FAQs – Franchise

You too can…We look for serious, committed & long-term business oriented people who want to make a difference in the society. Any ambitious person with the qualities mentioned and interested to start up a franchising business, preferably interested in education sector, can apply for the franchisee of KoiBhi.com. KoiBhi.com supports women entrepreneurs and helps them get an identity of their own.

No. Anybody can partner with us. However, the qualification we desire would be a lot of enthusiasm, passion, hard-working & smart working capacity and a serious interest.

You don’t need to know anything before you start up. You shall be trained thoroughly in the subject matter.

One Time Franchise Fee – ₹200,000/- (Rupees Two Lakhs only).

The fee normally covers the right to use the trademark, business system, all the pre-operating services including training and marketing support.

You can earn as much as 80%. It depends on your seriousness and commitment to the business.

Yes. The company would train you to make you understand this Business. An important part of franchising is the company’s commitment to help your business. As most people who take up this franchisee opportunity are new to the industry or are first timers into business, the company would hand-hold them in terms of the business approach right from starting up to counseling to anything needed to succeed in this business. However, you have to be open and take the business seriously and as a franchisee you have to be on top of managing your business. The company is there to provide support i.e. training, advertisement, promotions, etc. What is vital is to establish open communication lines.

The ROI works out to be very high. Every business works if you work, hence the guarantee is based on your efforts utilizing the support and guidance provided by the company as mentioned above.

You don’t need to start this business on a full-time basis. It can be managed part-time comfortably. Gradually, with higher returns, one can plan to concentrate full-time too, for greater benefit as you go along later. Choice is entirely yours. This opportunity is also popular as the best flexi-time or part-time business opportunity especially for women/unemployed or those who wants passive income.

Recommended but not required.  Even you can operate from your home.

Initially franchisee will approach educational institutions i.e. schools, colleges, tuition centers, etc. Basically, children of 11 years of age and above can attend these workshops.

No, we don’t have any competition. Our Copyrighted Method makes us above the competition.

No Shortcuts
No maximum age
No education requirement
Absolutely no mathematics
No notes or homework provided
No tricks or copying

FAQs – Public And Students

We are specialized in only one thing and that is memory training. Day and night, we thrive to make the life of individuals better by helping them memorize more and more. We have already taught a lot of people with perfect results. Our target is solely to impart this invaluable secret to every individual. This is the main reason we have kept our fees to the minimum and level of satisfaction to the highest.

Memory is everything. From all our internal processes including breathing and reacting to all our external processes including speaking and acting needs memory. You need to memorize to know how to do things. To learn is to memorize, to perform is to memorize, and to retain is to memorize. Overall, we need memory to live and survive and the better memory we have, the better life we get.

No story method.
No shortcuts.
No maximum age.
No education requirement.
Absolutely no mathematics.
No notes or homework provided.
No tricks or copying.

We teach you real memory which will help your life tremendously. This is a result-oriented training where you will be able to actually demonstrate your acquired skills during the training itself.

Unbelievably, a total of 6-8 hours is all that it takes. We conduct classes only in weekends (except online video course which is always running). We have appropriate breaks for your convenience. Our support personnel are always more than willing to clear doubts and assist with questions and concerns throughout lifetime. We have even shorter customized programs for schools, corporates and groups.

A few lines are not enough to tell the benefits of perfect memory. We leave it to the participants to decide themselves.

There are hundreds of participants in a single session (except online course which can be taken individually). Everyone is kept comfortable and seated throughout the training program. The trainer does all the talking and all participants enjoy the whole program immensely. Volunteers are always available to assist in person.

Simply click on the ONLINE COURSE button or Call or WhatsApp us at 6262-7272-34 for details.

You acquire the desired memory during our training program itself. So, when you finish that, you can also demonstrate and enjoy the improved brain power.

Our training program is extremely easy to understand and simple to acquire. We also provide lifetime support for all participants for any questions, concerns or suggestions.

People will be amazed by your super-talent. You can improve your life and performances by your improved memory. People are making a lot of money by doing memory tasks that others consider impossible.

This program is for everyone including students, housewives, working professionals, performers, businessman, youth, public speakers, etc.

To conclude, this is one program that everyone must have. Our natural memory has become weak and insufficient in today’s fast-paced life. We really need a booster with real results. An example can be the different between natural walking and running to using newest technology of cars and planes.

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