Our Story

You aren’t rewarded for having brains, you’re rewarded for using them

Who We Are

We are perhaps one and the only memory training service provider in the whole world where we teach you memory objectively. Objective here means real demonstrable results by the end of the training program itself, which usually is within one day or couple of hours. Unlike others, we don’t give subjective advises like what to eat, how to study, exercise, meditation, yoga, etc. Though we recommend these, our program is different; a lot different actually.

We are specialized in only one thing and that is memory training. Day and night, we thrive to make the life of individuals better by helping them memorize more and more. We have already taught a lot of people with perfect results. Our target is solely to impart this invaluable secret to every individual. This is the main reason we have kept our fees to the minimum and level of satisfaction to the highest.


We know the need of memory training in schools, educational institutions, and the corporate world. KoiBhi.com is specialized in only one thing and that is Memory Training. Day and night, we thrive to make the life of students and individuals better by helping them memorize more and more. Our target is solely to impart this invaluable secret to everyone and make this a part of the mandatory curriculum in their respective fields.

KoiBhi.com is focused to create and promote a better life for the people from every discipline, section and culture who seek ideas to change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the World. It is the mission and vision of KoiBhi.com to deliver a competitive, sustainable and profitable growth to its Franchisee through superior customer service, innovation, quality and commitment.

Meet Our Team


Dr. G. Francis Xavier, Ph.D

Dr. Xavier has over 55 years of memory training experience. He has authored more than 42 books in the field of self-improvement. He spent six years to complete his doctoral research on self-improvement and innovated a profound technique in memory training. By using this powerful system, seven world records have been set at National and International Memory Competitions in the past years.

“Dr. Xavier is the pioneer of Memory Movement in India and regarded the Father of the popular Memory System” – The Hindu – July 16, 2001.”

He has conducted innumerable Memory training programs on a variety of subjects pertaining to Personality Development under the caption TAP YOUR GENIUS in metro cities of India and countries such as USA, Canada, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Nairobi.


Mr. V.S. Shivan

A Gold Medalist in Memory himself, Mr. Shivan is a disciple of Dr. Xavier. Dr. Xavier got so impressed with his work that he established an exclusive collaboration with him to conduct memory training programs. After Dr. Xavier retired, he made Mr. Shivan as the master trainer in Memory. Mr. Shivan is a highly talented individual who has achieved great success in life because of his impressive memory and teaching skills. With an always smiling nature, patience, an eye for detail, you are sure to be mesmerized by his talks and way of teaching. Once you get to know him, he becomes your lifelong friend.

Only with the help of immense memory, Mr. Shivan has secured the first rank in academics as well as excelled in various different subjects like Psychology, Medical Transcription, Acupressure, Share Market, Google Certifications, Reiki, Accounting, Web Programming, Astrology, etc.