Remember what you want to remember and when you want to remember


Our method is so unique that it has been granted copyright by Govt. of India


Real demonstrable memory skills are achieved during the training itself

What's It About?

You will be trained to memorize anything and everything you want, and recall when you like.

Have you ever seen somebody who has excellent memory? You might have noticed that person is always the center of attraction. If he/she is a student, they can effortlessly memorize the whole books and score first rank. A working individual who remembers the details of his/her clients is loved by everyone and gets promoted with fortune earning. Even a housewife or retired professional is appreciated for their ability to memorize different recipes, religious sermons, phone numbers, etc.

We simply teach you how to become a “Memory Expert”.


My name is V S Shivan

I had always been a topper in Academics. When I started working, everyone got surprised on how I could remember things so well. Soon, a thought came into my mind to teach students and professionals on how to acquire super-memory. The results were mind-blowing. My students were able to memorize the things that others considered impossible. Moreover, not just memory, they exceled in their respective field because they claimed their brain had become extremely fast and detail-oriented.

I applied for the copyright of my method, and after a lot of scrutiny, Govt. of India granted me the exclusive rights certificate because of the uniqueness and effectiveness of my program. Amazingly, it only takes one day to become a memory genius.

Today, we have a number of trainers and our aim is to make this wonderful one-day training mandatory in all education and corporate sector.



The training is for everyone looking for a special talent that nobody else has.

FREE Intro Video

To help everyone understand our program better, you can check the video above where we are demonstrating and explaining about our program. Hopefully, you have seen that already. We give intro seminars by invitation also to large groups/institutions.

Who Can Attend?

There is no age limit to this great memory training program. Our oldest student has been 84 years old and he did well. For students, we suggest at least 6th standard or 11 years of age as we need their focus on us rather than Doraemon.

Duration of Course

Amazingly, it only takes a whole day’s training to improve your memory to the extraordinary level. This is not a trick but a complete copyrighted method. The length of training also depends on the number of participants and maybe extended to a maximum of two days.

Real Demonstrable Results

Fantastic! Our training methodology is so unique and objective in the sense you can actually measure the results. All our participants are able to perfectly demonstrate an improvised memory task at the end of the program.

Fees and Requirements

Our online program fee is just Rs. 999 only. There are 9 detailed modules and it has lifetime access. The total duration of the videos is 3-4 hours and we request our students to sit relaxed with a pen and notebook and enjoy the program.


The learner should be able to understand, no matter which language. For better interactions, we use both Hindi and English as our spoken language. All written material is provided in English only. Language doesn’t make a difference in this training.


Life is long but time is short, make it count!

Importance of Memory

We operate our lives with memory. Everything we do is only because of what we remember. So if we recall better, we make our lives better. And if we can memorize extraordinary, we can make our life extraordinary.

No Trick, Only Pure Memory

There is no shortcut in attaining a super-talent. Although it looks like magic but actually is pure brain memory. One can feel the change within the training day itself. Of course, it is possible for everybody and we have proven results.


Why practice when you already have it. Just continue with your regular routine and enjoy your life. Your memory will become perfect and you know that. We ask our students to rather relax after the training program.

Gain Knowledge

Everyone wants to learn more and maybe one day get a PhD degree or even further. The thing is we are all afraid of not performing well in exams. Let’s all throw away our notes as everything will be kept in our mind forever.

Make Yourself Seen

The biggest fear in the world is public speaking. Confidence and reputation only come to those who know their subject very well and can recall the points easily. If memory is too good, engaging the public becomes a piece of cake.

Life-Time Support

Any doubts, questions, concerns or suggestions, we are here for you always. Get help over the phone or personal visit. Share your expert findings with us. Keep in touch because we know for sure you will be the next superstar.

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